Heavy Duty 2 Way DC Power Splitter Cord Cable for CCTV Camera – (PS1-2)

Heavy Duty DC 2 Way Power Splitter Cord


2 Models:
–PS1-2 (Heavy duty, both main & branch cable:  20AWG)
–PS1-2S (main cable: 20AWG; branch cable: 24AWG)

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This 2 way power splitter allows you to split and provide power to up to 2 cameras from one power supply.

Main cable size: 20AWG

Branch cable size: 20AWG

Max current per channel: 5A

Connector: 1 dc female and 2 dc male
Connector size: 5.5×2.1x12mm

We also have 20AWG+24AWG cable size for 2 way power splitter cord.

Model: PS1-2S

Main cable size: 20AWG

Branch cable size: 24AWG x 2

Max current per channel: 2A

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