Mini CCTV Camera Microphone with Audio Frequency Amplifier- (MC05D)

Mini CCTV Microphone with IC Audio Frequency Amplifier

Model: MC05D
Type: Built-in IC Audio Frequency Amplifier
Pick-up range: 5-50m²

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Our mini microphone is perfect for use with CCTV cameras and has a pickup range up to 50㎡. Its high fidelity chip has low noise technology. It’s very easy to install and its small size makes it discreet.

Features: IC Audio Frequency Amplifier, high sensitivity, high fidelity, clear voice and low noise.

Built-in IC Audio Frequency Amplifier
AGC circuit
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Current consumption: 18mA
Output impedance: 600 ohm non equilibrium
Pickup range: 5~50m²
Frequency range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Output signal: 2.5Vpp/-25db
Output Level: 0-6Vpp
Working temperature: -30℃-60℃
Approved: CE/FCC/ROHS
Weight: 3.5g
Packing: plastic ziplock bag packing

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